Heading to the Lake

I didn't blog last week. I was on vacation and it seems that, for me, there is an inverse relationship between vacation and blogging. We stayed at home and cleaned out the basement and then went roller skating and to Valley Fair and to movies. We hung out with Susan and her family a couple of times. This is the point in the post at which you might expect me to say, "But now I'm back!" and make all sorts of promises of posts and witty stories.

That's not going to happen though because we are still on vacation. Today, we are packing up the family and a bunch of peeps for roasting and heading to Oak Lake for the next week.

There is no wifi at Oak Lake so I won't be posting from there. I hope to get back in the swing of things when we return next weekend. The kids will head back to school after Labor Day...Luisa will be heading to the Bahamas and I'll be ready to write.

Until then...have a great week! I'll have a gin and tonic for you while I'm away.