Shoes Shoes Everywhere

I don't like shopping. Actually, that's not quite true.

I don't like shopping when I am looking for something specific.

I'll be going to BlogHer in August and I'll be reading a piece I wrote and I need to get some decent clothes so that I don't appear on stage in tatters. I don't want people to think that I wandered in off the street, took out all the bloggers backstage and claimed the spotlight as my own. This is completely plausible, by the way. You know how aggressive the poorly dressed can be.

So, last week, I went to the Mall of Shame with a friend to find a some nice clothes. I got two pairs of shorts, a t-shirt and a tank top which was great but I can't wear any of that on stage. Just as I can't appear in tatters, I can't look like  I stumbled on stage after my surfing lesson.

Our time was limited, however, so we had to call it a day. As we were walking towards our entrance, I spied a Doc Marten's store said to my friend, "Let's just take a peek..." We stepped inside and I was met with a heavenly vision - funky shoes as far as the eye could see!

I may not have had any ideas about what I wanted to wear to BlogHer but I did know that I wanted a pair of black and white shoes. I tried on a couple pairs and then found these:

These are quite a departure for me - I don't think I've ever owned a pair of white shoes.

But they spoke to me.

Funky White Shoes: I know we just met but I think we could have something special.

Me: Really?! I've never had white shoes!

Funky White Shoes: Maybe you've been waiting for the right ones. Maybe you've been waiting for us.

Me: That could be true. But maybe I should get the wingtips.

Funky White Shoes: Sure, you could do that but where is your sense of adventure? Tell the truth - you are drawn to us.

Me: I am. It's true.

Funky White Shoes: C'mon baby...

So I bought them because I am sucker for sweet talking shoes. Now, I will look like the Queer Pat Boone and who doesn't want that? I may not have a new outfit for BlogHer but maybe my white shoes will blind everyone and they won't notice that I'm wearing tattered board shorts and a tank top. It could happen, right?