Look! Fox!

Sometimes, I get out of the habit of blogging. It's as simply as that. There is an old proverb that says, "Blogging begets blogging". Those are words that I try to live by but, alas - I have not done well lately. There is another old proverb that says, "To get back on the blogging horse, you have to stand in the crotch of a fox." Fortunately, I ran into a giant fox and was able to stand in his crotch. And now? I am back! This is going to be one of those posts in which I say nothing of value. Nothing. I just want you to know that up front in case you have better things to do with the 10 minutes it will take you to read this and ogle me in the fox crotch.

So...where have I been? I've been everywhere, man. I've been everywhere. Actually, that's a total lie. I have mostly been right here at home. Work has been making me crazy and taking up way too much of my mental energy and time. Working takes me away from the things that are most important in life like Twitter and blogging - oh - and my family and friends. It's a real drag. I wish I could clone myself and make the clone I like less go to work every day while the clone I like most got to sit around and drink coffee and write. But I can't clone myself and I would probably end up liking both clones equally since I am a Libra and they would be clones and then how would I choose which one to send to the salt mines? It's best that there are no clones for other reasons too. Like there would be more crazy ideas up in this joint and all of our furniture would be made of Peeps. No clones.

I went to my 20 year college reunion last weekend which is where I found the giant fox. Iowa is chock full of weird stuff like inflatable foxes and Walmarts. I got to hang out with lots of old friends and have a few drinks and play some guitar and dance a little. There were unexpected things too. People came up to me and told me that they read my blog and enjoy my writing which caught me by surprise.

Angie A. - if you are reading this right now, I gotta tell you how much I appreciate that you came up and talked to me. I'm shy (with a heaping helping of anxious) and I know it took a lot for you to chat with me. Thanks for that.

Other unexpected things? I didn't get into mischief and I came home with only one minor injury (a scraped knee). Clearly, reunion was a success.

And if the fact that I came home without my arm in a sling or a prison record wasn't enough great news, I have something else to share. I was chosen to read a piece from this little ol' blog at the Voices of the Year community keynote at BlogHer in New York! I am so honored and can't wait to stand on that stage, choke on my own saliva and then pass out in front of a large group of people! (Note to self: wear nice underwear). I know you're thinking, "Oh Vikki! You won't be that bad!" and to you I say, "Do you remember my past two BlogHer trips?" In New York, I hid in my room and drank from the minibar and, in San Diego, I hid in my room and tweeted.

In all seriousness, I am absolutely thrilled. I can't share the piece I'll be reading but you can check out the list of honorees here. I am in excellent company.

That's all I have for now. Now that we got the first post after a drought thing out of the way, maybe I'll get back into a regular blogging schedule. Anyone volunteer to nag me?