Peep Week 2012 - Day 6

There are three Peeps & Company retail stores in the United States and one of them is right here in Minnesota. The store at the Mall of America opened on December 17, 2011 and I like to think that they opened it just for me. Kristin and I took a field trip to the store so that we could do a little shopping and show you what Peep heaven looks like.

The store was packed with Easter shoppers and we were a bit overwhelmed by the crowds and the noise. The staff were very friendly and helpful despite being busy. I could never be that nice which is why I blog about Peeps rather than sell them.

The sound on the video isn't great because of the ambient noise. Listen carefully and you can hear people screaming as they ride the roller coaster just outside the store.

For additional Peep Week fun, you can watch this video and play a drinking game - do a Peepy B52 every time Kristin says "wormhole".