The Peeps Are Coming

What is coming next week? Passover?



You are all wrong!

Well, technically, you are not wrong because all of those things are coming but the answer I am looking for is PEEP WEEK 2012!

That's right - another Peep Week is upon us and I have been hard at work with my team of peep wranglers to put together an exciting week of peep related goodness.

Peep Week will kick off on Monday (4/2) and culminate with this year's Peep production on Sunday (4/8).

Until can catch up on past Peep Week posts by going to the right side of this blog and clicking on the category "All Hail the Peep" or clicking here. You can also search "peep" and even more stuff will come up.

Have a great weekend and I'll see you back here on Monday!