Best Little Cat House in Minneapolis


Vikki: There is something seriously wrong with Momo.

Luisa: I'm sure she's fine.

Vikki: No, she's making weird noises and dragging her back legs on the floor.

Luisa (to the kids): I bet one of the kids dropped her!

Luisa knelt on the floor and began massaging Momo's back legs. Momo then popped up off the floor and ran away with the agility of...well...a young cat.

Luisa: Maybe she pulled a muscle or something. She seems fine now.


Vikki: Luisa! Momo is being weird again!

Luisa: Maybe her leg is still sore.

Vikki: But that noise...why is she making that noise? It's not a pained noise. It's too chirpy!

Luisa: I don't know.

Vikki: Maybe she needs you to give her another massage.

A few moments pass as we watch Momo writhing around on the floor sounding like a manic Chickadee performing an aria at the Bird Opera.

Luisa: Oh. My. God. She's in heat.

I have only experienced an animal in heat once and that was when Luisa and I dog sat for Polly many years ago. Her dog Max spent a weekend with us and I learned the hard way that even doggies get their periods. I have never been quite the same.

So, when Luisa suggested that Momo might be in heat and I remembered that Luisa would be leaving for Haiti the following day, I was flooded with emotions - and none of them good ones.

Sunday night was filled with chirping and rubbing. Monday morning was filled with chirping and rubbing. By Monday night, I knew that I was going to have to sleep with my bedroom door closed because of the chirping and rubbing. I was not, however, prepared for Momo to stand in the hallway to deliver her nighttime aria regarding the loss of youth and her need of a good man cat. I worried she'd wake the kids so I let her into my room...where she gave me a private concert. I barely slept.


Vikki: Hello my cat is in heat and I need you to spay her and this has to happen as soon as possible because I haven't slept in two days and OH MY GOD THE CHIRPING!

Vet tech: We don't usually spay them when they are in heat.

Vikki: Um...maybe she is not in heat and she's just really weird.

Vet tech: Did you know that cat's often go into heat in the spring and can remain in heat until the winter?

Vikki: No...and I don't want to hear that right now. You've got to help me!

She put me on hold and consulted with the vet.

Vet tech: So, the vet said that we do spay cats in heat. All we have to do is schedule a pre-surgical consult for blood work and then we'll see when we can fit you into the schedule.

Vikki: It doesn't sound like you'll be spaying her today then?

Vet tech (laughing in a jovial manner): No, not today.

I took Momo in for her blood work and the soonest they can spay her is Friday. For those of you who struggle with the days of the week and/or math, that is SO VERY MANY DAYS away from Tuesday.

Last night, I locked Momo in the bathroom. Don't worry - I made sure that all of her needs were met. Well, I didn't get her that man cat she so desperately desires. Maybe I'll tell her that I'm taking her to meet him on Friday.