Yo, Let's Sumo

I'm usually up for anything that will lead to laughter - even if that laughter is at my expense. I get all sorts of wacky ideas but, fortunately for those around me, I'm generally too busy/tired/lazy to bring them to fruition. Last year, I suggested to Luisa and our friends, Kris and Kristen, that we host a Sumo Wrestling Night to raise money for the kids' school. I said something like, "Hey! Let's rent sumo suits and drink cocktails and wrestle and it will be amazing and funny!" And they all responded with something like, "Oh my god! That is a great idea!" because they all recognized a good wacky idea...or were thankful that there finally was a good wacky idea since they probably still remember the time I suggested we build a hay bale maze in the back  yard.

So, we put the event up for auction and got quite a few people to sign up though many of them were unable to attend. Last Saturday was the big night for our small group. We had cocktails, sake and Sapporo to go with lots of sushi. We had sumo suits and Japanese rap music (Yes, I am cheating on Nicki Minaj with a Japanese rapper named Hime). We even had brackets! Every tournament needs those, right?

Each match consisted of three rounds. I can now tell you from experience that three rounds is a lot of rounds when you are wearing a sumo suit. The more you move around the more tired you get. Luisa served as our referee.

The final standings were:

Third Place: Me

Second Place: Kris (one of the co-hosts)

First Place: AMIE!

I was pleased with my showing, especially after my horrible performance during the Christmas eve leg wrestling matches.

Here is a video for one of my three rounds with Kristen (who kicked my ass in leg wrestling). As you can see, I redeemed myself (I'm in blue):


Sumo wrestling is hilarious and fun but sumo dancing? Awesome. Thanks to Cathy for letting me post the following video:


And...if you need any recommendations on Japanese rap, I am your woman.