Cart Us Away

Last weekend, someone left a grocery cart in our front yard. When we noticed it, the conversation went something like this: Luisa: Someone left a grocery cart in our yard.

Me (not even getting up to look): Weird.

Luisa: What should we do about it?

Me: I don't know.

Luisa: I'll call the store.

Me: They won't come pick it up and it won't fit in our car so we can't take it back.

Luisa: I guess we'll have to move it to someone else's yard.

Me (shrugging): I suppose.

We then went back to drinking our coffee. Several days have now passed and the grocery cart remains in our front yard and now we can't put it in someone else's yard because everyone has seen it in our yard for days and days.

Today, Kristin came over to work with me and she noticed the cart:

Kristin: Um, there is a grocery cart in your yard.

Me: Yeah. Luisa wanted to call the store to pick it up or put it in someone else's yard know...whatcha gonna do?

Kristin: We should get in it and take pictures.

And that is one of the many reason I love Kristin.

So, we took pictures of each other in it but you know what's better than that? She gave me a ride in it. And you know what's even better than that? I took a video of us. Procrastination at its finest!

And where is the grocery cart now? In our front yard, of course.