Don't Give Me Your Number

For years, I had a Blackberry. Luisa had a Blackberry, Kristin (my work wife) had a Blackberry and Deborah (my blog wife) had a Blackberry. So, I would while away my days sending them Blackberry messages or BBMs. Not BMs - that's a totally different thing. Being connected to me comes with a price and that price is LOTS AND LOTS OF WORDS- many of them unnecessary. I try to restrain myself with Luisa because she has to live with me and my words in real time. Most of my messages to her were something like, "I'm home" or "We need ice" or "Can you bring me a glass of water?" Kristin and Deborah got all the extra words.

I wish that I had saved all of those BBM messages because some of them were hilarious but - alas - most of them are lost and the world is a sadder place as a result. When I knew I was getting my iPhone, however, I saved a few between Deborah and me. It gives you a feel of what it's like to get messages from me although there are usually a lot more random Nicki Minaj lyrics thrown in.


V: The guy is grunting a lot in the kitchen and I find it disconcerting.

D: I can't imagine why.

V: I want another cup of coffee but the coffee is in the kitchen with the grunting man!


D: You should be a detective!

V: Well, I kinda am for my job.

D: Yeah, except for normal people whose houses don't look like Grey Gardens and people who don't eat cat food.


V: When I write my book about what field social work is really like, I will say, "Never look in the bucket. Never. Just no."

D: Good advice about the bucket.


V: I blogged. It's shitty but the chute is cleared.

V: And that last bbm was unintentionally rectally metaphorical.

Deborah and Kristin and I all got iPhones. Luisa still has her Blackberry (hers is through work) so she had to get an app that would allow us to do the iMessage/BBM thing. We are now a technologically bi-cultural family. It has its struggles but we're making it work. I am happy because I can once again share my every ridiculous thought through iMessage! Because, apparently, doing it on Twitter with hundreds of people isn't enough. I told you - LOTS AND LOTS OF WORDS.