Things I Did Today by Vikki Reich

I will present to you a list of the highlights of my day because it is late and I am sleepy and I want to bore you so that you will also be sleepy and our mutual sleepiness will allow us to bond and be filled with an inexplicable fondness for each other. So here we go...

I woke up and had coffee while reading twitter and then dumped an entire cup of coffee in my crotch.

I went to Brightwater Montessori as Augie's guest (my friend Kristin's son) and read a story he wrote about a walrus and then watched him divide fractions. He was adorable.

I tried to get a one-eyed woman into the hospital against her will. One-eyed woman: 1 (ha), Vikki: 0

I picked up the house and cleaned the bathrooms.

I scored a billion chestnuts (see the first two in the picture above) without cutting off my finger which is surprising because I'd had little vodka tonic and chestnuts are wiley...whatever. They are slippery little suckers.

I made a pumpkin pie with Zeca and then watched Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving and was embarrassed for lesbians everywhere by Peppermint Patty's abrasive behavior.

I wrote a blog post for Aiming Low that is due next week and now I will point you to my post published today:

Don't Get Mad - Madlib

You should probably read the madlib thing tonight so that you'll have some zany excuses ready so that you can get out of whatever weird conversations might come your way tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow...let's go to bed. Not together. That would be weird...even though we bonded and everything. Still weird.