Sundays Always Get Me Down

Parenting has its challenges but nothing tests us like parenting our children on Sundays. Our kids are crazy on Sundays. Maybe it's a case of differing expectations - we want to relax and our kids want to run wild. Today was one of those Sundays.

From the moment we got up, they were loud and obnoxious and fought with each other and chased each other through the house and bickered and teased each other. We could barely drink our coffee because we were too busy acting as referees in ongoing battles that began with laughter and headed quickly towards frustration and tears. I eventually went to the writing studio to do some work and Luisa spent the afternoon trying to manage the kids. (Welcome back to the mad house, honey)

After a few hours at the studio, I wanted to go home but - honestly - I really didn't want to deal with the kids. I sent Luisa a message indicating my dilemma. She said I could come home because the kids were watching a movie. So, I did.

Fortunately, the evening went better and then we were finally able put them to bed. On days like today, I have to remember that most days are good days. Sometimes pictures help me remember...