Holiday Cheer

Home for the Holidays starring Holly Hunter is one of my favorite holiday movies. Why? Well, did you not catch that it stars Holly Hunter?! More than that, however, I believe the movie perfectly captures the way love and pain are often woven together in families. I also really love What's Cooking? but that's only because Kyra Sedgewick and Julianna Margulies play lesbians and I like to imagine the hotness of the two of them gettin' it on. Hey - I never claimed to be some sort of deep thinking movie critic.

My own holiday stories often include that love and pain I was talking about but a surprising lack of Holly Hunter and very little gettin' it on.

Today, on Aiming Low, I wrote about one of our worst Christmases ever and - trust me - there were others.

So, check out the post here: Home for the Holidays? No But YOU Tell Your Mom