I was sitting in my office in North Minneapolis and had too much work to do and my supervisor e-mailed me saying that he'd received an angry call from a family member connected to one of my cases which only added to my stress. Then, a co-worker and friend tried talking to me and I snapped at her and hurt her feelings. I then called the disgruntled family member to try to de-escalate the situation and the guy spent the next 30 minutes yelling at me and telling me what a horrible person I was. When it was clear that I could not calm him down, I told him that I was hanging up because I wasn't going to take his verbal abuse anymore. I knew this would only mean more trouble for me because he was going to go all the way up the management chain to complain about me. I am able to do my job because I can compartmentalize my feelings. That day, however, it was all too much and I went in the bathroom and cried. When I returned to my desk, I sent Deborah from Peaches and Coconuts a message that said something like, "I'm having a really shitty day - say something funny."

Moments later, she called me and told me about the Eggies. Eggies are little contraptions that supposedly allow you to hard boil eggs without the shells so you don't have to peel them. They sounded completely ridiculous and somehow we decided that we would do a product testing video when I came to visit for my birthday. Just talking about the Eggies with Deborah made me laugh and it made my day.

We did, in fact, do a test of the eggies on video when I went to NY. It is long - longer than the attention span of most blog readers. It is so long that it is actually split into two long parts. Did I mention that it is long? Well, it is. Long. It's also pretty funny. We had so much fun doing it that we hope to do other product tests whenever we're together.

Anyway, head over to Deborah's blog and check out part 1. Get a cup of coffee or tea or some bourbon or a glass of milk and sit back and relax. One other note - nothing was scripted...which will likely be obvious when you watch.

Getting Testy with Deborah and Vikki

Tomorrow, I'll post part 2 right here on Up Popped A Fox so stay tuned.