Caught Blue-Handed

Remember when I told you about the corn maze and cat vomit and bourbon? That seemed like a crazy day, didn't it? I seemed a little overwhelmed and crabby and tired, didn't I? Believe it or not - something spectacularly irritating happened before we went to the corn maze but I didn't tell you about it because 1) I could have written an entire book about it or, at the very least, several pages of profanity laden limericks and 2) I decided to use the story as my post at Aiming Low this week. The day actually started out well...the kids let me sleep in until close to 9 a.m. which never happens. So, when I got up and came downstairs, I was grateful and I whistled a jaunty tune and ruffled the hair of my well-behaved children and called them "adorable whippersnappers" or something like that and made a pot of coffee.

Little did I know that the day had already peaked at that very moment and that I would soon be on the downhill slide.

A couple of weeks ago, we bought some little water guns so that we could discipline the kitten when she was scratching the furniture or roaming on top of the dining room table. Well, when I went to take a shower, the kids got into a fight with those water guns and squirted each other until every water gun was empty. Then, Zeca ran to the kitchen and filled an entire glass of water and threw it at Miguel and most of that water landed on the furniture.

But wait! There's more...

You Should Know I Bleed Blue