Another Thanksgiving

The pumpkin pie is sitting on the buffet and, later today, Zeca will make the whipped cream with her friend, Luca. They consider this to be their tradition. Luisa made fresh rosemary bread and it is sitting near the table, ready to be sliced. Miguel made fresh cranberry sauce and, despite the fact that he quadrupled the recipe, he is worried there won't be enough. The turkey has been stuffed and rubbed with herbs and is roasting in the oven. Soon, I'll make use of the roasted chestnuts from last night and make the stuffing. The table is set with my mother's china. Friends will arrive later with potatoes and vegetables and maybe an extra dessert. Thanksgiving is not one of my favorite holidays but I'm finding such peace in cooking and preparing things this year. Maybe I'm actually mellowing with age...or maybe Luisa has been slipping Xanax in my morning coffee. Whatever. I'm just noticing that there is comfort in taking your time with a meal and sharing it with others.

I wish all of you a happy Thanksgiving and, if you don't celebrate, I wish you just the happy part.