Vampires at the Hilton

Miguel woke up at 4:30 this morning and yelled for me from his bedroom - through his closed door. Did I get up and rush to his side? No I did not...and not just because it was technically Single Parenting Day 19. I opened one eye and waited for another muffled yell and then, when I got it, yelled back, "WHAT?!" He responded with more muffled yelling but it sounded more like the adults in Charlie Brown than something from a horror film so I chose to remain in bed and yelled back, "COME HERE!" That's a lot of yelling for 4:30 in the morning.

He finally came into my room and said that he had a nightmare. I told him to get in bed with me and he did. He snuggled up close - way close- and just as I started to drift back to sleep he said, "I need to pee". So, he threw off all the covers, got up out of bed, and went to the bathroom. I was then awake and cold. He came back a few minutes later and wrapped himself around me once again. By the time he settled, I had about an hour left before I needed to get up.

It turns out that an hour is plenty of time to dream that you are a vampire staying at the Hilton in NY . I didn't look like a vampire but I forgot my room key in my room which is (according to my dream) the universal sign that you are about to become a vampire. I was very sad about this but resigned to my fate. One of the hotel staff approached me and asked what was wrong and I said that I forgot my key in my room. He offered to help me but I said in my saddest voice, "No, that's okay..." I returned to my room and walked in without the key and found Frankenstein in there. Frankenstein was removing the light fixtures and I sighed heavily because being a vampire was going to be a big pain in the ass if it meant I had to deal with Frankenstein. Frankie looked at me like "Are you going to help with this?" and I shrugged and got out a stepladder. We removed the fixtures and water poured into the room. Then Frankie jumped into my arms (he was now the size of a kitten) and bit me. It was only then that I began to transform into my vampiric self. I dropped Frankie like a hot potato and stormed from the room. Once out of the room, I felt a sense of urgency and I began to run and I took the stairs rather than the elevator. I started swinging down the stairs using the handrails and then...I started flying. My clothes transformed into flowing black robes, my hair became black and long, my face became whiter (who knew that was even possible?) and I flew down through the stairwells. It was creepy and awesome all at the same time. Right before I burst into the lobby, I woke up.

Obviously, I caught my bad dream from Miguel.

I then stumbled into the bathroom and found a stapler on the bath mat. It's hard to figure out why there would be a stapler in the bathroom anytime but it's particularly hard to grasp when you didn't get much sleep and you're recovering from being a high class vampire. I couldn't figure it out and just left it there because that is the kind of person I've become in the last 19 days.

As I sat drinking my coffee, I remembered. When I got home from class last night, I found Miguel in the bathroom with pages and pages of hand drawn mazes spread over the bathroom floor. He was making books. So, that's why there was a stapler in the bathroom. Because, of course, bathrooms are the place to colate.