Hello, Is It Me You're Looking For?

Contrary to how it may appear, I do remember that I have a blog. I never forget actually. The thought follows me around like an adorable kitten or a stalker depending on the day. I want to be writing here and, yet, I have to admit that I am struggling to do so. There are many reasons for this and I could list them and you would read them and you would be bored and, if you weren't bored, you would say nice things to me like, "Hang in there!" and "I think you're awesome!" or you would say mean things to me like, "Get out of your pajamas!" or "What has happened to you?" or "Remember when you were funny?" or "Can you give me money for a pineapple?" and I would say, "I'll try!" or "You're so sweet" or "Technically I'm in sweat pants" or "I'm a shell of my former self" or "Barely" or "I'll give you money for a pineapple if you'll pick one up for me too".

Basically, I have too much work and too many deadlines and too many children. I'm also down one parent because Luisa left for Ethiopia on 10/17 and won't be back until 11/4. But, really, my blogging problems started before that as you all can attest to (if you're even still reading? Are you still reading? Goodness, you're not still reading).

BUT...and who doesn't love a but? Heh. Pay attention because I'm about to make a big promise to y'all.

I am going to do NaBloPoMo once again which means I'll be blogging every single day in November. Given my recent blogging history, this is daunting but I've done it every year since I started blogging and I'd feel sad if I stopped now. So bear with me until next week and then I hope to deliver the writing goods every day for 30 days starting next Tuesday.

Until then...you should deliver some things to me like coffee...sanity...clean clothes...groceries...