The Art of My Personal Hair

Y'all asked for pictures of my hair and I aim to please so please enjoy! I tried wetting my hair and combing it back to get it out of my face for the evening (since no one was going to see me except now the whole internet is seeing me so perhaps I should have thought about this picture business a little more carefully) and it did this. Without product. My hair is not working.

For the purposes of this article, I interviewed my stylist, Zeca (age 6). She said, "It's getting there. You just need to shave the back again and let the front grow a bit longer. It's working!"

My stylist is a liar.

This evening, she suggested that I grow it out to her length (longer than shoulder length) and then shave off one side. Never trust a 6 year old stylist, especially one who refuses to brush her own hair.

In other hair-related news, my hair has a Facebook Fan Page! My twitter pal @klr74 made one after my hair harrassed her. Won't you head over to Facebook and "like" it? It would mean a lot hair?

But, there is more to life than my hair woes. I've written a couple of fun posts for Aiming Low and, if you don't follow me on Twitter and are not a friend of mine on Facebook, you might have missed them. So, I'm going to link to them here and hope you check them out:

Love Notes for Long-term Relationships

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Now, I have to peel a kitten off of my lap and go read Phillip Lopate's "The Art of the Personal Essay". [SPOILER ALERT] It's painfully boring. But, I'm hoping it will help me write a book that you might want to read someday.

Goodnight and good hair.