The BlogHer Recap: I Laughed I Cried

I started this blog because I wanted to write and never imagined that anyone would ever read it. The first time a stranger left a comment I was shocked and, to this day, I am filled with awe every single time it happens. But comments are not just comments. They are tiny connections and this brings me to the epiphany I had while at BlogHer - the most important part of blogging is the relationships we build with each other.

I am not interested in building a brand. I don't expect to make my living blogging. I'm not going to be popular or famous. I don't need to strategize or learn to develop a business plan. This weekend, I realized that I want only two things out of all of this: to write and connect.

This weekend was all about connection. I was able to spend the entire weekend with my blog wife, Deborah. I hung out with people I connected with last year. I sought out people whose online presence I admire and chatted (or danced like a maniac) with them. I met new people but with the understanding that not all of us click and that's just fine. The result? I was comfortable in my own skin and had a fantastic time.

You're probably thinking, "But Vikki, what did you do?" Well, I cowered in my room for a couple of hours on arrival. I walked along the boardwalk by myself and got tacos and a Stone IPA. I ate and drank and went to parties. I spoke on a panel for the first time and wasn't booed off the stage. I stayed up too late every night talking. I got a free vibrator. I went to panels and was there to cheer on Riese from Autostraddle. I ate hummus while listening to Ricki Lake. I danced like a crazy person. I have no regrets.

Online relationships matter. Blog comments and twitter conversations make me laugh, make me think and sometimes help me through a rough day. I'm sure I'm not the only one for whom that is true. Most of us have people in our real lives who do the same things for us but there is always room for more. So, I am back and filled with gratitude.

Fine Print: I want to link to everyone I spent time with but am afraid of leaving someone out so I won't. I'm simply going to throw out some life-saving thank yous. I want to thank Deborah for continuing to be my friend despite the fact that I screamed "fuck" at 5:30 in the morning and scaring the shit out of her (after having just gone to bed at 4:30) when I realized the ice bucket was leaking all  over the floor. I would like to thank Britt for tucking my shirt in the back of my pants when I was dancing so frantically that my ass was literally hanging out of my pants. And thanks to bcdubs for getting me the latte that I spilled all over my white shorts. Those first few sips were delicious. I took no pictures or videos this weekend. This is for the best - trust me.