Strange Days of August

After spending all of July together as a family, August has been crazy. Miguel left on August 1st and went to the Wisconsin Dells with friends. I left on August 4th to go to BlogHer. Miguel returned on August 5th but left early on the 7th to go to Camp Warren. Luisa left for Zambia in the early afternoon on the 7th and I didn't return from San Diego until later that night. Quite a jumble, huh? Let me break it down for you: I haven't seen Miguel since August 1st and haven't seen Luisa since August 4th. It's been quiet around here, made exciting only by Zeca's bedtime breakdowns. She cried because she missed them so much...she demanded that I arrange for their return immediately...she accused me of not loving them because I've shed no tears...and then she cried some more. It's sad and kinda sweet. Mostly, however, it's been annoying. So, I have done what I needed to in order to gaurantee our survival (mostly hers). That means I've let her sleep with me or sleep in Miguel's bed almost every night for the past two weeks. I'm sure we'll have no problems getting her back into her own bed. Nope. None at all.

Have I missed them? Of course. Have I pined for them? No. Have I cried? Not until today.

Today, I received a card from Miguel. Inside he drew a giant red heart and inside that heart he drew the four of us together. It was very sweet but it was the accompanying words that got me:

Even though I am having a lot of fun at camp, I still miss your guys generosity, love and care.

I'm going to frame that and point to it the next time he accuses us of being mean/strict/horrible/unfair.

I pick Miguel up later this afternoon. As I write this, Luisa is on a plane bound for Atlanta. Tomorrow, we'll all be together once again. The kids will be bickering and Luisa and I will be sighing heavily and the days won't be strange anymore.

Have a great weekend!