Back in the Saddle

captionThe last time I wrote we had left the south of Portugal because I got bored lying on the beach all day and couldn't face putting on my wet swimsuit one more time. And then? I never wrote again. How mysterious! Well, let me tell you - we did lots of stuff after that but sometimes our internet access was wacky and then sometimes there was wine and sometimes there was fatigue and sometimes I read things instead of writing things. When we got home (oh - did I mention that we are home?), I was going to do some catch up posts but the pictures from the trip are all on Luisa's work computer and we've yet to transfer them to the home computer. Throw in some jet lag and laziness and now we all know why I haven't made millions as a travel writer.

There are many things that I still want to write about like sailing and walking on the walls of Obidos (pictured above). I want to write about fear and fearlessness and maybe a handy guide on how to help children develop vacation-related neuroses. Those posts will come in time. I promise. Remind me if I forget.

For now, I'm just trying to get back into the swing of things and part of that means I needed to write something - anything - just to jump start my blogging. So consider this little post my way of cleaning out the cobwebs and starting again. At least there's a pretty picture, right?