When you are about to embark on a month-long vacation, I recommend frittering away time on the internet. Who needs to pack? Who needs to charge the 1,239 portable electronic devices that your family of 4 will bring along? Why figure out if you have tampons right now when you can do that tomorrow morning in a frenetic, hysterical rush? It adds to the excitement, right? This is to say that we are leaving tomorrow for an extended vacation and will not return until 7/27/11. We fly out tomorrow to our first exotic locale - Pittsburgh. There we will be having a family reunion of sorts. The kids will run around wild (especially since Luisa's mother promised them donuts AND juice for breakfast every single day!) and then splash in the pool. I imagine I will sit near the pool and make sure they don't drown while partaking of some "adult juice". On Sunday, we leave Pittsburgh for Rome. The Rome in Italy! I've excited because I've never been there and I'm incredibly nervous because I've never been there. Don't you wish that you could travel with me? We'll be in Rome for 6 days. Below you will find each family member's wishlist:

Luisa: "I want to see the Collosseum!"

Miguel: "I want to see the architecture!"

Zeca: "I want to have gelato!"

Vikki: "I want to see the face of the Pope on my toast!"

From Rome, we fly to Lisbon where we will spend a glorious 3 weeks. We'll spend a little time in Lisbon, a little time down south in Melides and a little time up north with Luisa's family.

In 2006 and 2008, I made vague promises about blogging every day while on the trip. Many things kept me from making good on those promises...things like the beach and champagne and wine and exhaustion. I've learned to lower my expectations (which is frightening because I didn't think they could get any lower). My intention is to try to share the trip with all of you...even if it's just a picture and a few words. So, let's shoot for that.

Roam. Rome. Whatever.

The B-52's - Roam from booboobay1 on Vimeo.

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