Single Parenting - Day 1

The alarm goes off at 5 a.m. I allow myself 5 minutes before getting out of bed and heading downstairs to make coffee. Internal monologue: I got up. Early. This is going well so far.

I turn on the computer and pull up the essay I'm supposed to turn into my advisor later today. There are so many words and I'm fond of only a few of them. I get myself a cup of coffee and come back to the computer and start writing. I write for an hour.  

Internal monologue: I am incredible! I own this day!

Miguel wakes up an hour earlier than usual, comes down and interrupts my writing. I find him more adorable than I usually do when he wakes up early - maybe it's that he is wearing a fleece shirt covered in monkeys - and I happily set aside my writing for a cuddle.

Internal monologue: I am the greatest, most put together mom evah!

I head to the kitchen and make the kids' lunches with plenty of time leftover to wash all the dishes. Then, Miguel offers to go up and wake up Zeca for the day.

Internal monologue: These children are such a blessing.

Both kids get ready without further prompting. I make breakfast for them and they finish with time to spare. We pack up the backpacks for school and relax by downloading some new music on to the iPod. When it's time for school, they quickly put on their shoes and we are out the door and in the car right on time.

Internal monologue: We are on time and I haven't lost my patience once all morning. Clearly, I have reached full self-actualization and should start giving classes on patience and parenting.

I drive the kids to school and tell them to go into school without me today since I am still in my pajamas. We say our goodbyes and Zeca gets out of the car and heads in to the building. Miguel just sits there and other cars are lining up behind me and I'm like, "Dude. Get out of the car." He just stares at me.

Internal monologue: What is wrong with this child? Did he hit his head on something hard?

I look in the rear view mirror and the parents behind me are staring and growing impatient. I snap, "Miguel! What are you doing? Get your backpack and get out of the car!" He starts to fidget and says, "But mom...I don't go to school for another hour. Remember Zeca goes early on Mondays but I don't."

Damn it.

I pull out of the parking lot and park on the street.

Miguel: You always take me to the coffee shop on Zeca's early days, remember? I think I want an eclair. Me: Have you lost your mind?! We can't go to the coffee shop - I'm in my pajamas! Miguel: You look fine. Me: I also have no wallet or money.


Miguel: Well, we could go get some money and come back or we could just play in the school playground. Me: I CANNOT SIT IN THE SCHOOL PLAYGROUND IN MY PAJAMAS FOR AN HOUR!

So, we drive home, sit for 20 minutes and then drive back to school.

Internal monologue: Pride cometh before the fall.