Reunited and It Feels So Good

So...Luisa came back yesterday - despite her better judgement. She took a cab from the airport right to the martial arts studio where the kids were having class. I smiled at her and then she sat by me and then I patted her back (because we are super sexy about PDA) and then she told me she was tired. At least she didn't say she had a headache. Traveling for work wears her out which is so weird because her traveling wears me out too. It's so nice that, after all these years, we still have things in common. We sat there chatting with some other parents and I asked her if she wanted to go get some coffee. She said that she didn't. I told her that she was cute and then explained that I meant get me some coffee. Strangely, she did not want to go get me coffee. This caught me by surprise. After we had gone home and put the kids to bed, I gave her a big hug and then asked her to check my hair for lice. She did not want to check my hair for lice. I explained that my head was itchy and I was pretty sure I had lice and she said that my scalp was probably just dry from a recent sunburn and I insisted that I had lice and that I could feel them doing little licey circus tricks in my hair. She sighed heavily and then told me to sit at her feet so she could see my scalp better. She then checked my hair and declared me lice free and then I told her that her efforts seemed half-hearted and that I was not sure that I trusted her assessment and insisted that she check again and then one more time for good measure. This is what a reunion looks like in our house - one monkey comes home and then picks at the scalp of the crazy monkey until the crazy monkey is satisfied.

Then, we went to bed and that's when things really got exciting because I threw caution to the effin' wind and took the down comforter off the bed. I know, right? W.I.L.D. Luisa fell asleep instantly and I resisted the urge to wake her up and ask her to check my back for irregular moles. I'm kidding - I wouldn't ask her that. Usually when I wake her up, it goes something like this:

Me: I think [insert child's name] has [insert obscure disease transmitted by an animal that is not native to this state].


Me: Are you mad at me? I think you might be mad at me because I keep waking you while you're trying to sleep.

But last night, I said nothing. Sure, I still woke her up but I didn't do it with words. I kissed the back of her neck and then sighed loudly and then flopped around in the bed until she woke up. Totally different.

Today - we're both tired. We just get each other, you know?