A Little Song - A Little Light

Wednesdays are early days for the kids at school. Miguel has choir and Zeca goes to the extended day classroom. Today, shortly after dropping her off, I received an e-mail from the teacher, Mr. Fitch. He and Zeca did a little recording project and sent it to me. Yes, it is autotuned. Yes, autotune can make things funky. But, it is so darn cute that you can look past that.

Last week, after her choir concert, I asked her why she didn't sing. She told me she was too shy. I said, "I thought you wanted to be a rock star. You can't be a rock star if you can't perform." She looked at me with her typical smirk and said, "Mom, I am already a rock star."

Yes. Yes, she is.

On yet another gray and rainy day, her version of  "Candles" gives a little light.