Peep Week Round-up

Another Peep Week has come and gone and I have spent this week recovering. Thank you all for indulging my obsession and for all of your kind comments. Many of you have still been sending me peep-related links and such so I thought I'd share the last of those with all of you. Now that I've been gracious and appreciative, I'd like to move into the shaming - not a single one of you submitted a peep creation for the UPAF Peep Contest. Well, I should say that not one of you sent one before the deadline. I did receive one submission from @ethanethan:

It's a Peep Hot Tub party! Kudos to you Ethan - it turned out beautifully (as did the picture).

One of the best links I received was from a former professor of mine, Sylvia Thorsen-Smith. She notified me that the American Bird Conservancy had chosen the Peep as "Bird of the Week" during Peep Week. This is exciting as I take it as evidence that the popularity of Peep Week is spreading.

Several people sent me the link to the video of the Peep pranksters who filled a friend's yard with approximately 900 Peeps on skewers. I'm stocking up on Peeps now so all you locals better watch out next year.

Someone also sent me a link to a photo of a very Peepy manicure. Check it out.

Last but not least, the Seattle Times does a Peep diorama contest as well and the Grand Prize People's Choice award went to an adorable Sesame Stree Peep diorama.

That's all for this year folks! Farewell peeps...until we meet again next spring...