Peep Week - Day 6

Poor Kelly. She made the mistake of posting an innocent message on my Facebook wall: "Our neighborhood gelato shop's specialty flavor tonight was "Peep!" Avery said it tasted just like a peep and it even had little bits of peeps in it. Seems the underground movement for Peep Week is growing!"

I saw her message later that night and posted the following:

"KELLY! I need you to go there and do an interview with those people about how they make it, what's in it, etc. Do you have a video camera of some sort? If not a written interview will do. Can you do this for peep week? Please"

Can you sense the desperation in my words? I'm sure you can. Well, Kelly and Dolores delivered. They went back with their son, Avery, who conducted an interview for Peep Week! This report comes in three short parts:

Thank you Avery (and family) for this report from Portland, Oregon! Someday, I might just have to taste some myself.