Last time I wrote, Zeca was in the bathtub with her rubber duckies and then days and days passed. Don't worry - she's not still in the tub. I seriously do not know where the time went and, as much as I'd like to offer some profound reflections today - I don't have any. I have a cold and haven't slept well so I'm not feeling very smart and/or witty.

I will share some exciting news with you, however. Last weekend, I went to the cabin with my friend Kristen and we finished a draft of a little book we've been working on for two years. This project has been through many ups and downs but this is the first time that we've actually had a draft of the complete book. There is still much to be done but I can't help but feel that the hardest writing is behind us and now we're left to shape it into the book we want it to be.

So, see - I have been doing a little something with my time after all.

More soon...I promise.