Good Jeans

A woman goes shopping and buys a new pair of jeans. The next day, she puts on the new pair of jeans and goes about her morning routine without a single comment from her partner. She goes to work, comes home and hangs out in the kitchen with her partner who still doesn't mention the new jeans. So, the woman says, "How do you like my new jeans?" The partner responds, "They are nice." The woman is not content with "nice" and asks, "Do you like the way my ass looks in them?" The partner replies, "Well, they make your ass look a little square." A little square. The woman is irritated with this response and requests clarification, "You don't think my new jeans make me look hot?" to which the partner responds, "I think your ass looks better in Levis." The woman is now offended and concludes that the partner missed out on the Good Partner Lesson that provides guidance on answering tricky questions like, "Do I look fat in this?", "What do you think of my haircut?" and "Do these jeans make my ass look hot?" So, the woman says, "I haven't worn Levis in five years! Does that mean you haven't liked my ass in FIVE YEARS?!" The partner disputes the claim that the woman hasn't worn Levis in five years rather than addressing the core issue which is the ass and the hotness of said ass. The woman grows angrier and instructs the partner that when a woman asks if her ass looks good in a pair of jeans, you say "yes" with great enthusiasm and conviction. The woman explains that this is universally known. The partner attempts to divert attention from this life lesson to other topics and feelings but the woman does not fall for such antics. So, who would you rather be in this situation? The woman or the partner?

POSTSCRIPT: Okay...y'all are being too serious. So, the question is now, "What should the partner do to make amends?" And the answer is not, "Buy the woman some Levis" because the woman bought her own damn Levis.