Courage Booklets

When I picked up the kids from their spring break camp yesterday, the camp leader said, “Vikki, your kids are HILARIOUS.” I raised my eyebrows and said, “Yeah. They’re funny. They also exhaust me.” She said, “Oh yeah. They exhaust me too.” I appreciate a woman who speaks the truth.  After we got home, they showed me the Courage Booklets they made. Each page has a drawing of something that requires courage. Zeca clearly copied some of hers from Miguel’s but had a few originals as well. Here are the highlights. 


It requires courage to dress like an airplane. It requires courage to sit on a chair and eat vegetables.


It requires courage to go skydiving. It requires courage to jump off a cliff into a pit of lava. It requires courage to sing in front of a group of people. It requires courage to kiss someone. It requires courage to break into someone’s house and rob them.

I’m going to make my own Courage Booklet tonight and the first page will read - it requires courage to parent these children.