Vegan Week Wrap Up

The reports of my death due to veganism have been greatly exaggerated. I did, in fact, survive Day 6 and Day 7 .  Friday night, I went to Cafe Latte with Anne and her lovely family. I haven't been to Cafe Latte in years and had actually forgotten that they serve cafeteria style. Cafeteria style freaks me out because it requires me to awkwardly proceed through a crowded line while attempting to make decisions under pressure. I do not shine in those circumstances. Add to that the vegan issue and I was a little edgy. Anne and her husband, David, were very concerned that I wouldn't find something to eat which is so sweet and also the very thing that I hated most about being a vegetarian. I don't want people to worry about me and I don't want my dietary choices to inconvenience anyone in any way. This aspect of vegetarianism/veganism is still very hard for me and a good reason to say "Screw it! Bring me a steak!" But, back to Cafe Latte, there were ample choices for me but I did go through the line once, get out and go to the beginning and start through again. Still, I got a terrific spread sampler (hummus and guacamole) with fresh greens and cucumbers and, interestingly, I wasn't tempted by the desserts at all. Well, there was a moment when Anne's youngest son, Mostyn, was weilding a coffee stirrer covered in cheesecake and I stealthily got it from him and nearly licked it clean but that would have been out of habit more than desire. So...Anne, David, Calder, Sterling, Averill and Mostyn - thank you for a great time on Friday night!

Saturday night, Luisa made curried tofu and rice. This is a recipe that she usually makes with chicken and it also includes fish sauce. She switched to tofu and omitted the fish sauce. When the meal was served, Zeca said, "This isn't chicken! Where's the chicken?!" She remained disappointed throughout the meal. Although it was still yummy, I missed the fish sauce. So, before trying that again, we would want to find a suitable alternative.

Last night, vegan week culminated with spaghetti and meatballs as requested by our resident carnivore, Zeca. You see the challenge inherent in that one. Meatballs are called meatballs for a reason and that reason is the meat. Luisa found vegan "meatballs" at the coop and cooked 'em up for us while making turkey meatballs for the kids. I was excited to try the "meatballs" and had convinced myself that they were going to be surprisingly delicious. They were so horrible that they broke my budding little vegan heart. I stared into the plate as if to ask them "Why?! Why did you do this to me?" but they did not answer. They simply mocked me with their horrible texture and taste. There was a small silver lining in the meal - we discovered that vegan butter or "vegan buttery spread" is actually pretty good and a decent substitute for real butter. Still, the vegan "meatballs" drove me to despair and I said to Luisa through clenched teeth, "If I have gained any weight as a result of Vegan Week, I will lose my mind. Mark my words. Things will get ugly." She nodded like she always does when I use the Crazy Voice.

This morning, we weighed to see what havoc Vegan Week wrought (other than a deep distrust of fake meat) and neither of us lost any weight. We did not gain either which is good because I think I would have trashed this joint. This was not the result I expected because I have felt lighter this week. I know that sounds weird but I don't know how else to describe it. Luisa did not share this feeling, however. So, I don't what to make of it all.

Vegan Week has now come to a close. Luisa left today for DC and is probably having an entire roasted chicken right now. As for's Day 8.