Vegan Week Day 5

I went to the May Day Cafe this morning and, as I ordered a soy latte and vegan scone, I thought, "Wow. I've become one of those people." I'll be honest - I've always judged vegans as being high-maintenance. I've been behind them in lines and endured their complicated orders and made snap judgments about them as people. Today, I wondered if anyone was judging me and then realized that maybe...just maybe...I shouldn't judge people by the way they choose to live and then my heart grew three sizes and a small child came and asked me to carve a roast beast and I said, "No dear, I can't because I'm a vegan!" Day 5 is apparently the day when you begin to believe that you could go vegan forever. Wait, that's not completely true. Day 5 is apparently the day that I began to believe that I could go vegan forever. Luisa believes that she could but doesn't want to. On this momentous day, I have not had the desire for cheese or milk at all. I thought of nachos but didn't crave them. I just wondered how I could make them deliciously vegan and it felt like a challenge - a fun challenge! Something has definitely happened to me.

Tonight, Luisa and I are dining separately. She is taking the kids to Noodles and Company and was excited to find out that the Indonesian Peanut Sauté (our favorite dish there) is vegan. I'm heading to Cafe Latté where dining might be a bit more challenging but that is exciting, right? I say very exciting indeed.