Vegan Week - Day 3

Things went better today. I didn't dream of eating table cloths which was a relief. Even flossing doesn't get all the linen fibers out of your teeth. But I did experience two phantom smells - I inexplicably smelled soy milk while driving to an appointment and then smelled egg salad as I returned home. Clearly, the two parts of me are at war for my soul. Who will win? I thought I'd answer a few of your questions today so here goes:

Because I like a challenge.

I don't think it will be cheaper.

Yes, Oprah totally stole my idea.

Peeps are not vegan but Peep Week will happen no matter what!

Yes, I have been enjoying vegan beer.

There we got those pressing matters all cleared up. I got a bit more sleep last night than I had the previous couple of nights and did feel better today. Could be the sleep. Could be that I'm getting used to the vegan thing. I ate lots of veggies and, for dinner, had a vegetable stew which we make all the time and just happens to be vegan so it was comfortable and familiar. I have not yet felt that boundless energy that you hear so much about. Veganism hasn't made me want to chase and/or juggle cheetahs. Obviously, I need more coffee. Tomorrow I will drink a great deal of coffee and will wait for the cheetahs to be delivered and hope that I don't try to eat them. Cheetah burgers for everyone at the Casa de Up Popped A Fox!