Vegan Week - Day 2

Last night, I fell into a deep karmically deserved sleep and then Miguel woke me up at midnight because he couldn't sleep. What's worse is that he wanted a glass of milk - cold, delicious milk which just so happens to come from COWS! I took him downstairs and poured him a glass of milk and then sat on the couch in the other room pretending that I had no interest in having a glass of milk myself. There may have been some gentle rocking involved on my part. We then returned to our respective beds and one of us quickly fell asleep and it was not me. I was awake for what seemed like hours though I don't actually know what time I fell asleep. I was stressing out about work but I'm not letting veganism off the hook completely because, once I did fall asleep, I dreamed that I went to a wedding reception and ate the freaking table cloth right off the table! This morning, I knew that adjustments to my coffee needed to happen so I mixed the soy creamer with a bit of vanilla soy milk and the result was much more palatable. I went in to the office today so I took a little mix of nuts and dried fruit with me for a snack so that I would not hear the siren song of the Cheez-its from the vending machine. Then, I went out for lunch and had pureed garbanzo bean and spinach soup which was perfectly acceptable though I would have enjoyed it more with some hot and spicy something in there. Yesterday for lunch I had hummus so, basically, today I had hummus soup. Tomorrow, I would like to find out what lunch might be like beyond the garbanzo bean. Tonight, we had black beans and rice which is an Up Popped A Fox staple though it pained me not to top it with shredded cheese. So how are we feeling? I hate to speak for Luisa but I know she won't speak for herself so I'll say that she does not seem to be enjoying Vegan Week. She's hanging in there though. As for me, it's been fine. This morning, I was weepy and had a headache but I tend to think that has more to do with sleep deprivation than a lack of cheese. Time will tell...time will tell. I can tell you one thing - Vegan Week doesn't seem as awesome as Peep Week.