Coffee Bender

I've been gone for a few days because I went on a coffee bender and am just now recovering. It all started Wednesday when I spent the day working myself into an anxious frenzy over the fact that the Foreword orientation at the Loft was later that night. I got up that morning and drank a couple of cups of coffee as usual. Then, I decided to have a big soy latte around lunch time. When I got to the orientation, I was so afraid that I was going to nervously ramble at someone or say something so completely crazy that time would stop that I decided the best way to avoid that was to stuff my mouth. The appetizers didn't appeal to me so I ended up stuffing my mouth with coffee. So much coffee! I got through the orientation and only referred to myself as a "weirdo" once and only laughed inappropriately twice (though I was able to cover the laughter by throat clearing and a slight cough). When the meeting was over, I was so antsy that I dashed out of the room and decided to take the back stairs. That's how I ended up lost in the basement. Fortunately, a staff person found me and let me out a secret back door. I made it to my car and jumped inside and completely lost it. I laughed until tears were running down my face and I would have sat there like that for a long time had it not been so cold that the tears started to freeze. When I arrived home, I excitedly told Luisa stories from the evening and laughed hysterically while she sat quietly and stared at me. Then, I was like, "I HAVE HAD A LOT OF COFFEE!" It would have been a great time to clean the grout with a toothbrush or rebuild the foundation of our house by hand using only found objects and a putty knife but I did not. I wasted the high tweeting that I was certain that I could outrun a cheetah and demanding people bring me cheetahs. It turns out that I act the same way on coffee as I do on whiskey but with less dancing. Not surprisingly, I couldn't sleep that night. Then, last night, I had to get up with a kid in the night. So now, I'm super tired. Maybe I should get some coffee. Anyway...I didn't meant to disappear and I will try to keep writing regularly. Have a great weekend and may it be filled with sedentary cheetahs.