What's in your Trunk?

Remember when I wrecked my car? I do because I've been driving our Saturn ever since and my iPod is incompatible with the set up in it and the silence is a painful reminder of how things used to be. Thank goodness I talk to myself or the quiet would be unsettling. Anyway, I was talking to Deborah about the car accident and how I couldn't feel my feet and hands by the time the tow truck came and she suggested that I have an emergency kit in my car that included a blanket. I then laughed at her practical suggestion and and said, "I would never sit in my car on the side of a busy road wrapped in a blanket because people would think I was weird..." and then the extent of my neuroses became clear to her. Strangely, our conversation ended shortly thereafter. Before it did, however, I asked if she carried a blanket in her minivan and she said that she didn't and then said that she did and now we'll never know the truth. We did decided we needed a bigger sample size than just two. So....

1. What's in your trunk? Ha.

2. Do you have an emergency kit?

3. If so, what's in it?

4. If not, why not?

I have an ice scraper and some dashboard conditioner in my trunk. That's it. Razzle dazzle me with your emergency kits!