Top Ten Frustrations of the Week

10. Clients with very poor oral hygiene and a habit of leaning in close when they speak

9. Children crying/whining/complaining

8. My desire to eat all the food. Every bit of it. Sorry - none for you.

7. Work-related paperwork

6. My second toe on my right foot is always cold.

5. Having to get up in the night to go to the bathroom (note to self: stop drinking a giant glass of water before bed)

4. Tea leaves in the bathroom sink.

3. Parking is restricted to one side of the street.

2. My car may be totaled.


You shouldn't have to endure my crying/whining/complaining so I'll leave you with a picture. This was taken when we all got gussied up and went to the Guthrie to see The Christmas Carol. I know it looks like we're going to a funeral but we just really like black. Of course, you may need 3D glasses to be able to discern my head from the white background. Tricky, tricky. Despite the strain on your eyes, it's a better way to wrap this post than an agitated tirade about the weather, right? I think so.

Family Pic