People, People who Please People

I was in a car accident this afternoon. I'm alright. The car is not. I was driving to pick up the kids and this car came speeding out of nowhere and hit me. I tried to swerve but couldn't. My car could not be driven but the other one obviously could be because the driver fled the scene. I called Luisa first. She called friends to pick up our kids. Then, I called the police and the insurance company. Then, I sat in the car freezing my ass off because I was afraid to turn on the car and the heat because of the horrible sounds the car was making. This is the very first time in my life that I have regretted my choice of shoes. I chose style over function this morning and wore my Frye boots instead of winter boots. I still can't feel my feet. When the police officer arrived, he asked me to get into his car. I said, "Should I get in the back?" I wasn't sure about police car etiquette. He told me I could get in the front - as soon as moved all his papers and fast food wrappers. So, we sat in his car and I gave him the details of the accident and he entered the information into the computer. I was surprised by how many details the computer asked for - nosy computer! When we got to hair, I laughed and said "grey" which he entered. Then, the computer wasnted a  style and I noticed that, in addition to long, short, medium, straight, etc., there was punk, shaved, unkempt. I was kinda hoping for punk or even unkempt but he entered "straight". Then, the computer asked for my demeanor. Let me just say, you know you're a people pleaser when you take pride in the fact that a police officer entered your demeanor as "friendly/gentle" on a police report. I was irrationally pleased with myself.

Now, I'm going to go roast my feet over an open flame and hope the feeling returns...even if it is a crispy burnt feeling.