Imaginary Circumstances

My friend, Anthony Weeks, is a documentary filmmaker and someday he will be nominated for an Oscar. This will happen - trust me - and when it does I want him to take me to the Oscars so that I can ogle the famous people and drink champagne. I'll probably have to start with the champagne and then ogle because I'm too shy to ogle outright when sober. I have plans, big plans! Anthony's most recent documentary is titled Imaginary Circumstances. Here's a summary from the film's Facebook page:

Imaginary Circumstances is a short documentary video that explores the representation of disability in entertainment media, both past and present. Within the 'imaginary circumstances' of fictional Hollywood TV and film, the performance of disability on screen refers to social realities. Frequently, though, the lived experiences and unique perspectives of actors with disabilities are excluded in the representation of disability on screen. Through performance, interviews, observational footage, and commentary on archival clips, three actors with disabilities currently working in the Hollywood entertainment industry address the authentic representation of disability in the media as well as the ongoing struggle for access and inclusion.

You can watch the trailer here. So, run right over there and watch it and become a fan of the film or like it or whatever the Facebook page asks you to do. Meanwhile, I'll be picking out my formal gown and building my champagne tolerance.