To Africa and Back

Last Friday, I received the following e-mail from my friend, Amy: 

I think you need to blog about Grey's Anatomy last night.  I'm still upset. 

I couldn’t blog about it on Friday because another friend was holding me hostage and forcing me to write a book while she served me coffee and kept a beautiful fire blazing in the wood stove. I was suffering for my art so I had to save it for today.   

When we last discussed Grey’s Anatomy, Arizona told Callie she couldn’t go to Africa with her because she was being whiny and negative and Luisa took Arizona’s side and I took Callie’s side and Luisa told me she wouldn’t want me to go to Africa with her and I told her that I would do anything for love and then I got mad and stormed upstairs and, even though I’d go to frickin’ Africa for Luisa, she couldn’t manage to come up the stairs for me. So, we broke up and I am now living in a Scamp parked in our driveway. Okay, she did come upstairs and we didn’t break up and that Scamp thing didn’t happen either but it is rather amazing that we ever agreed to watch Grey’s Anatomy together again. 

So, time has been passing on Grey’s and Callie has been weepy and sad and broken-hearted. Arizona has e-mailed their friends but has never bothered to e-mail Callie ever. Typical. Callie and I were both getting a little bitter and then this happened:


That’s right! Arizona shows up with her crackly little voice and rambles adorably and then says that Callie is pretty in the cutest possible way and then? And then?! Callie shuts the door in her face? And then?! And then?! This happened: 

Vikki: I cannot believe Callie shut the door in her face! She should have grabbed her and kissed her! Luisa: silence Vikki: Right? There should have been kissing? Luisa: Well…  Vikki: No. Do not tell me that you are now taking Callie's side! After the whole Africa thing, you are taking Callie’s side?!  Luisa: I think Callie has a right to be angry.  Vikki: NO! Arizona came back! She gave up everything for love and she came back and said all the right things!  Luisa: I’m with Callie this time. 

This time Luisa is sleeping in the Scamp.  Callie was wrong, wrong, wrong. Am I right? Comment away and don’t be a Callie or a Luisa.