Yesterday, I was catching up with my friend Susan and she said, “There has not been a new fox popping in awhile” and I remembered that I have a blog. Actually, I never forget that I have a blog but my priorities shifted while Luisa was eating popcorn in Ethiopia and I was wrangling children in this godforsaken tundra. During my two weeks alone, it became clear to me that watching Arrested Development on Netflix every night was essential to my survival, so, that’s what I did instead of writing goofy little stories for you. The wonderful thing about all of you is that I know you’ll forgive me. Aren’t you all just so precious? I will now summarize the past couple of weeks for you in a free form topic cloud:

Luisa in Ethiopia. Me in Minnesota. Children bickering. Children are adorable. Cookies. Eating. Arrested Development. Wizard101 gardening. Sleep deprivation. Time with my sister. The Tourist. Mall of America. Fucking ice dam. Dripping water should be outside. Panic. Broken closet door. Panic. Closet repair. Yelling. Cursing. Crying. Ice dam removed and closet repaired. Accepted into the Loft’s mentorship program. Luisa home. Jet lag. Wrapping presents. Christmas Carol at the Guthrie. Christmas Eve at our house. Pomegranate martinis. Spoons. Bloody knuckle/broken nails/scratches/bruises. Singing. Presents on Christmas day. Black Swan. Goodbye to my sister. Weeping. Crabbiness. Angst about 2011.

So, how about you?