Goodbye NaBloPoMo

After the 30 posts in 30 days, I spent the night at the Groveland Tap with some friends having Surly Furious and fried pickles. Delicious. Should you ever go to the Groveland Tap, do not ask the waitress to judge the beauty of everyone's credit cards but, if you do, take no offense when yours is considered the ugliest. It will only end in sadness as it did for my friend Amy. NaBloPoMo was hard for me this year. It was quantity over quality but I made it. This isn't really a post so much as a thank you card to all of you for sticking with me. The fact that you were reading and commenting kept me going. Seriously.

One bit of NaBloPoMo business remains - the scavenger hunt. As it stands now, Amy and Meghan are tied for first and Kelly is close behind. So, I will award first, second and third places but how do we break the tie for first? I'm open to suggestions...