Gastrointestinal Karma

Luisa is a delicate flower. I don't talk about it much because she is a proud woman but it's true. That's why I'm always shoveling snow and doing the laundry and mowing the lawn and lugging things in and out of the house and wait - she actually does all that. Truth be told she is a very strong person with a very weak wittle tummy. I won't go into the long list of food, beverage and weather conditions that, when combined, lead her to upchuck. I'll just stick to the one combo that always ends with her in the bathroom heaving - coffee and popcorn. Any time she drinks coffee and eats popcorn soon after or eats popcorn and drinks coffee soon after she throws up. A lot. For reasons that are unclear, I like to share this information with people...friends, family, co-workers, strangers in elevators and now you. Every time I tell someone about it, they ask the same thing, "How often could that combination possibly occur?" I haven't kept precise data but it has happened often for us to notice the pattern. Recently, Luisa was working with a delegation from Ethiopia and took the kids to a traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony at Open Arms. She and the kids had a great time and, when she returned home she told me about it. She said, "They roast the beans and then grind them and then make the coffee and then serve everyone and...they serve the coffee with popcorn." Oh how I laughed! She then said, "And you have to eat it or it's considered rude." I laughed some more. On that particular night, she managed to skip the popcorn because she was in a large group. I'm not sure her luck will hold though...she is now in Ethiopia. She's been there since Friday and won't return to the United States until 12/22/10 which means there will be plenty of opportunities for her to drink coffee and eat popcorn. So now, when I talk about Luisa's coffee/popcorn issue and people ask, "How often could that combination possibly occur?" I'll have an answer, "Many, many times when you're in Ethiopia." 

For those of you who have kept up with the discussion of Grey's Anatomy here, I'd like to point out that Luisa did in fact go to Africa and I did not go with her. The popcorn and coffee shall exact my revenge.

*Please note: Luisa actually suggested this post which means that it bears the Luisa stamp of approval. She is currently in Addis Ababa where the high temperature is around 80 while I am stuck here where the temperature is currently 5 and we are surrounded by enormous mounds of snow. Despite this, I will not shut the door in her face when she comes back but she damn well better tell me that I look pretty even if I am in sweat pants and a ripped t-shirt with bedhead and a clear need for deoderant.