You Put a Spell on Me

So, Luisa got a new job. It’s her dream job, actually. She’ll be traveling around the world as the Grand Poobah of Epidemiological Magic for NASTAD which means that she will be like a globe-trotting, HIV educating traveling salesman except that she’s not a man and she’s not selling anything. At least, I don’t think so. I hope that, if she is actually selling something, she cuts me in on the profits because I need to stock up on Xanax and hire some minions. What am I talking about? The minions can take care of the Xanax. See? This new job is working out well so far. Her first official day at her new job was 10/25/10. Her last day at the Minnesota Department of Health is 11/12/10. Yes, that means she is currently working two full-time jobs while I’m barely working the one full-time job that I have. On 10/24/10, she went to Trinidad for work. On 10/24/10, I went to the Hennepin County Government Center to work. One of us got to sit poolside and drink cocktails and one of us had a Diet Coke in a cubicle. I wasn’t jealous at all until she started telling me about all the wives that had gone along on the trip. The wives! I know that I’m not technically a wife but I am completely qualified to sit on my ass and drink. The hardest part the trip was that we couldn’t communicate as much as we usually do. In a normal day, we see each other, talk on the phone, e-mail, tweet and send the occasional Blackberry message. She did not have her work Blackberry yet and Trinidad is kinda far away so we couldn’t communicate in our usual ways.

Then, one night, I was playing Wizard101. Yes, I still play. I was zipping around Olde Town on my broom when a message appeared on the screen that said, “Hi!” and the message was from my favorite wizard, Valdus. “Who is Valdus?”, you ask. Well, Valdus is Luisa’s wizarding alter ego! I quickly teleported to her and we stood in the commons of Wizard City and chatted. We talked about the kids and dinner and her trip and then we noticed that another wizard had ambled over to eavesdrop. So, I invited her back to my castle and we chatted in the grove of trees where the unicorn appears and yes I do know how crazy and weird this sounds and you know what? It was crazy and weird and it was also amazing. I was in Minnesota and Luisa was in Trinidad and, through the miracle of the internet, we were hanging out together in Wizard City. God, I love technology.