Scavenger Hunt 2010

Let's be honest...blogging has been slow around here. Let's be even more honest...comments have been few and far between. For both of these unfortunate situations, I blame you. NO! I'm kidding - I blame myself, of course. I don't write so you spread your comment love elsewhere and I sit around wordless and weeping. NaBloPoMo will help me get back in the writing groove and I'm hoping a little contest will help y'all get back in the commenting groove. For the past two years, I have done a blog post scavenger hunt during NaBloPoMo and Meghan suggested that we do it again which is a most splendid idea. So, for those of you who've never participated in an UPAF scavenger hunt, here's how it goes: I give you a list of words and phrases that might appear in posts during the month and you leave a comment when you spy one. Then, I tally up the correct comments and crown someone a winner. This year, I am going to sweeten the pot and offer some teeny tiny prizes that no one will want! Doesn't that sound fabulous?! These exciting (but useless) prizes will go to the first place winner and a runner up. Possible prizes include an Up Popped a Fox coffee mug, a limited edition CD by yours truly entitled The Bathroom Sessions which includes the Peep Show theme song, a blog post/haiku/limerick/poem/answering machine message in the winner's honor, or I'll buy you a beer if you're local (airfare not included).

Now, let's get to the list. Be on the look out for the following words and phrases:

  • sacrificial lamb
  • blurt
  • sciatica
  • vested
  • serial killer
  • plastic bride
  • sexing
  • Wizard City
  • traveling salesman
  • algebra
  • sweet gherkins
  • soundtrack
  • beard
  • moonshine

Some of these will make the cut and some won't so be vigilant scavengers!