For Sale: Two Kids - cheap

Ah...the holidays...long weekends spent together as a family...plenty of time to stay indoors and get on each other's nerves. Today has been a little bit of that.

1. Zeca and Miguel came to blows while playing Nintendo DS.

2. Zeca and Miguel argued about DS, candy cane lights, who put the first ornament on the tree and probably just about everything else.

3. Luisa and Vikki bickered about whether to put the Christmas platters on the dining room table to deal with later or on the kitchen counter to deal with later.

4. Luisa, Vikki and Miguel argued about Miguel's winter training schedule. In short, Miguel didn't want to go to soccer practice today.

5. Zeca was intermittently and randomly rude.

Despite all this, we did have an enjoyable time decorating our house for Christmas. No one broke any ornaments, not even me. It does get easier every year.

Now, I'm going to go cuddle up on the couch and watch The Girl Who Played with Fire with my sweetie. Until tomorrow...