Filling in

Warning: This is not Vikki so lower your expectations right now! As you all know Vikki is out of town this weekend at a writing retreat so she asked me to guest post, ironic isn't it? When she first asked I laughed, then I said no way, and now here I am writing a post - how the h*** did this happen?

Anyway since I have to write I thought I would give you a review of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows which I went to see last night with 3 kids and 2 other adults. If you are not a Potter fan then you'll just have to come back tomorrow when this blog will resume its regularly scheduled posts, otherwise read on (no spoilers).

We have all been very excited about the release of HP7, well at least Miguel and I have, so we made a date with friends to go see it on opening day. I bought the tickets last Sunday for the 6:45pm show, made plans, and on Friday there we all were at the theatre at 5:55pm. There was a line to get in and so we waited. In line with us were Hagrid, several people wearing Gryffindor robes, Bellatrix and people in Quidditch garb (we were none of those). At 6:15 they let us into the theatre, we got good seats and then it was time to get the treats. It was the "junk food follies" as one of our friends likes to say. Finally at 7pm, after some pretty lame previews that make me think our X-mas day movie selection will be fairly weak, the show started and everyone applauded! So here's my succint review:

1. Hermione kicks butt

2. The 7 Potters scene is pretty cool

3. Grimauld place looks much better than before (Kreacher must have been busy)

4. There were moments that should have been in the movie that were not, and things that were in that were not needed

5. Bill Weasley is poorly cast

6. The Batilda Bagshot scene is very well done

7. I will probably see it again (at the very least on video), and can't wait for Part 2

When the movie was over, people clapped and whistled and everyone in our party agreed that it was pretty good but wished they had some things differently. The books are still better!

I hope you enjoyed this post and stay tuned for the return of the intrepid writer from the wilderness of Oak Lake tomorrow. Who knows there might be another bat, or perhaps a bear, fox, or some other wildlife story...