Death by Chocolate

One night, Miguel asked if Luisa and I had any plans to go out on a date any time soon. I told him we didn't but that it sounded like a good idea. I then asked the kids what kind of date night they would plan for us and they were happy to provide suggestions that varied from the vague to the bizarre:

Scenario #1:

Miguel: I think you should go to Uptown and go out to eat.

Vikki: Where should we eat?

Miguel: I don't know because I don't know what restaurants are there but you should definitely go to Uptown. Then, you should go to a movie.

Vikki: What movie should we see?

Miguel: The Girl that Played with Fire.

Vikki: That's not at the theater anymore.

Miguel: Then, you should see something else.

Scenario #2:

Zeca: Well, first you should go out to dinner.

Vikki: Where should we go?

Zeca: I don't know but you should have dinner and then get a little treat and go to the graveyard.

Vikki: Go to the graveyard?!

Zeca: Yes, you should take your treat and eat it in the graveyard. Then, you can look at all the pretty flowers and headstones. You could also walk around and read the names.

Vikki: Well, that's an interesting suggestion.

Zeca: Oh! And you should only go at night because that's when graveyards are prettiest.

Dinner and a movie or dessert in a graveyard? So hard to choose...