I don't write about community a lot here, though you might be able to see it just beyond my words. It's there in the people that weave in and out of my stories and the crazy times when we all gather. I take great pride in the community I've built here even if I don't brag about it very often. One of the best things about community is that, within it, there are always people who know how to do things that you don't. If you need a great drink or a balloon animal, I'm your gal. If you want to examine the history of Thanksgiving and reframe it, I am not. Thankfully, my friends and Raquel and Susan do that sort of thing really well. Susan blogged about what they started with the kids last year and, tonight, Miguel is at their house for another round. Check out Susan's post in the link below - it's a thought provoking piece and worth your time.

Shifting the Ritual of Thanksgiving, One Child at a Time - by Susan Raffo