A Guest Post from Miguel

IMG_4603This is going to be an essay about an environmental issue. This essay is going to be about turning the lights off. I think this is a great topic because I think it is important. I also think that we need to help it. I think this is one of the most important issues. The consequences are we use things that pollute the earth to make electric power. That means if we waste it we have to pollute earth to make more. I think that is really bad because there are some people who can’t afford to waste any electricity. I really hope we can save it quick.

I learned about this topic because my sister and I used to not turn our lights off. Then I realized how much I was doing it and stopped. Then I researched it and saw what I was doing. It matters to me because I think the earth is very important. I also think it matters because if we do it too much something bad can happen like it can make the greenhouse effect and cause global warming.

I am trying hard to help this issue. What I am doing is trying not to play as many videogames. I am also trying to remember to turn my light off. I think everybody should do what I am doing.

I think that local and national leaders really need to do something about energy in our country. For one I think they should install more windmills in places. I think this was a important thing to talk about that is why I wrote about it. I hope after reading this essay you can help with saving energy and turning your lights off too.